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SuperPower Nation : Setting Up

Shaimaa Khalil Shaimaa Khalil | 10:21 UK time, Thursday, 18 March 2010

Blogworld is at Shoreditch Town Hall getting ready to start live blogging SuperPower Nation very shortly. The atmosphere is fantastic , the pictures below speak for themselves really. This unique event involves so many parts of the BBC: TV, Radio and Online and more than thirty language services, all to facilitate the live conversations that will take place today between 1300-1900 GMT.

I'll be blogging live all through SuperPower Nation and will be updating you about what the bloggers here at Shoreditch Town Hall and in different parts of the world are saying about the event.

If you want to take part in SuperPower Nation and tell us what you or bloggers in your country are talking about. Here's how you can get in touch; e-mail us on super.power@bbc.co.uk.





  • 1. At 5:48pm on 10 May 2010, U14455686 wrote:

    Is there a twitter thread I can go back through?

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  • 2. At 11:58am on 11 May 2010, U14455686 wrote:

    Was it Neil Sedaka who sang "Setting Up is so very hard to do"?

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  • 3. At 5:18pm on 11 Jul 2010, Zzzoney wrote:

    The goals of the USA strategy for control,is to divide and cause chaos between the states and its national government,by allowing unsecured borders on the USA border states to Mexico and Canada. This will cause much dis-agreement, as it is the duty of the USA government to enforce the protection of its perimeter borders as a whole,and President Obama has refused to do so,and his leftist judges are suing the state of Arizona for making its own laws to keep the Illegal immigrants from coming through Mexico into the USA. This is all a planned part of the N.W.O. 21st century objectives to dis-mantle the USA Constitutional RIGHTS and FREEDOMS from ALL Americans,as to be left unarmed and defenseless to attack as the Executive Order of MARTIAL LAW can create this destruction of the USA.The international Banking system in Switzerland is taking over countries as we speak. FEAR AND TERROR is purposefully being used for government trust and control,and is created by the same governments whom want to always have a reason to supress its populous and keep wars going across the globe,in at least one of the three main sectors of the planet.
    http://abovetopsecret.com , http://shuva.net , http://nogw.com

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