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Snap, Crackle...Drop! #12

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Kutski Kutski | 17:38 UK time, Friday, 22 July 2011


This week we go back to a classic hard trancer from 2002.
This was a successful track in europe in 1999, but when it was licensed by UK label Bullet Proof it really exploded in the clubs over here. Particularly because of the remix package that included one of the hottest producers on the scene at the time, DJ Scot Project. The unique arrangement, heavy kick and rolling bass line, catch vocal and MASSIVE breakdown have had me pulling this out of the archives every few years, and still works on the dancefloors today!

Snap, Crackle...Drop! #11

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Kutski Kutski | 18:47 UK time, Friday, 15 July 2011

This weeks choice is a true oldskool classic from back in 1992, but I didn't pick it up until much nearer the present date! DJ'ing is a great job, getting to see the world while effectively clubbing, and every now and again, you get to spend the time between gigs in foreign countries. Most DJ's take this time, to relax, some do the tourist thing... some are even rumoured to have wild, unspeakable parties ;) Not me however! To me, a free day in a new city means a collection of untapped vintage record shops potentially full of lost gems!!
On a recent tour of Australia spent a day digging around the hidden record shops of Melbourne, with very little luck until the end of the day when I flipped to the beautiful black and yellow sleeve of Elevation's piano house / hardcore crossover "Can You Feel It"!!!!! The chase for this record makes it even more of an anthem for me!!!
Get your white gloves, whistles and glowsticks out and reach for them lazers!!

Snap, Crackle....Drop! #10

Kutski Kutski | 17:00 UK time, Friday, 8 July 2011


Ewok Go Back


So after the landslide victory in the Snap, Crackle DROP poll last weekend, in favour of the Dutch hardcore classic from Highlander, slowly through the week, I started getting more and more messages from upset ravers, asking how I could tease to play such a classic as E-Wok's 'Go Back'... AND THEN NOT PLAY IT! Let's be clear, I wanted to hear it too, and for every part of me that was cheesing away to Highlander, I was missing the German hard trancer! But's it's OK, after a hectic week of gigging the record never left my bag so here you have it, the balance of the hard dance universe is restored for another week :D


Snap, Crackle....Drop! #9

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Kutski Kutski | 18:03 UK time, Monday, 4 July 2011

We all know whatever line of work we choose, at some point we will be faced with tough decisions. This week it was my turn when selecting a track for my oldskool vinyl feature 'Snap, Crackle, Drop'. After a few random lucky dips in to my creates of records I came up with a golden happy hardcore classic from the mid 90's. But in my excitement, I also pulled out the record next to it, which just happened to be one of my favourite hard trance records of all time!!! Dilemma or what?
So I set of to the Radio 1 studios with both pieces of wax in hand, and threw the decision out to the hardcore universe via text, facebook and twitter, and It was quite a one sided battle, with the winner being the track I was starting to secretly route for myself!!
A favourite of the late, great John Peel, they don't come much cheesier, or put a bigger smile on your face than Highlander's 1995 Dutch hit "Hold Me Now"!!!

Kutski is the first ever UK DJ on the Main Stage at Defqon 1!

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Kutski Kutski | 20:04 UK time, Friday, 1 July 2011

Every music scene has it's flag ship event. The pinnacle of that music scene. As far as hardstyle goes, things don't come any bigger than the infamous Dutch super-rave DEFQON 1!!
I have been lucky enough to play on different stages at this event for many years now, but this year I was given the honour to be the first UK DJ to play the main stage!!! It was nerve racking to say the least, playing in front of a total of 65,000 purists, from all over the world, but the atmosphere was electric and I loved every minute of it! A completely indescribable feeling!! The true breath taking moment came at the end of the night with the fireworks and light show, this year to the sound of Noisecontrollers, who where closing the festival! Just take a look at some of the pictures and prepare for hardstyle world domination!

Above & Beyond - Essential Mix

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Essential Mix Essential Mix | 12:28 UK time, Friday, 1 July 2011


The success of our first Essential Mix in 2004 took us a bit by surprise, to be honest. It seemed to catch the zeitgeist somehow, musically and lyrically. So as we approached this new mix we knew the pressure was on. Luckily the talented artists on our Anjunabeats labels keep making beautiful music and with the recent release of our second artist album, "Group Therapy", we felt there was more than enough ammunition to do the job. The mix is intentionally non linear and encompasses film score, progressive, breaks and "Trance 2.0", the new, groove-driven variant of our core sound. It features artists like Andrew Bayer, Mat Zo, Maor Levi, Super8 & Tab and Bart Claessen, all of whom have been essential for us recently, as well as a sprinkling of songs from Group Therapy. We're delighted with how it turned out and hope it lives up to people's expectations.

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