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CV Uncovered: Tina Daheley

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Annabel McLeod | 11:28 UK time, Monday, 17 October 2011

Tina Daheley is, along with Richard Bacon, presenting Up For Hire each night. Tina is proof that if you put the effort in and are prepared to work your way up in broadcasting, you'll make it. She's juggled internships and other jobs and made the most of her opportunities and breaks. She even jacked in a dream TV job in New York to start again from the bottom to chase her dream.

Name: Tina Daheley

Tina Daheley

Work: Broadcast journalist / Up For Hire presenter / Chris Moyles Breakfast - sports presenter

Childhood dream job: Fashion designer. I used to do little catwalk shows with my friends.

My school report said..: A straight-A student, hard working, conscientious... I was a bit of a swot at school and head girl. I was quite sporty as well so a bit of an all-rounder.

My careers advisor said I'd be: Lawyer, although that was probably because I said I was interested in law! I did go to uni to study law, but I hated it! I transferred to a degree in information systems, which is computer science and business.

Subject I wish they'd taught me in school: Drama.

I wish I was given this advice: You can be anything you want to be.

Most memorable interview: My first ever interview at a hairdressers.

First job: Apprentice hairdresser.

Funny day at work story: When the singer Cher asked to have her hair dyed the same colour as her car. It was a metallic red.

My first job helped me get where I am today because: It sets you up for the working world, handling your own money. Any paid work you can do at a young age is a good thing. Even if it's doing something you don't plan to pursue as a career.

I got to where I am today by: Working hard, having the right attitude and persistence. I did work placements at ITN, Look North and at a radio station called Club Asia. When I was there they didn't have enough reporters to send people out so I had an opportunity to go on a helicopter with June Sarpong. She was lovely and said, "Why don't you come and do something with T4?" So I did that and became a production assistant, helping out with guests. Then I went to Pop World. It was great. You're working a job where you're seeing bands all the time, working with really cool people. Then I joined the Channel 4 researchers' scheme and trained in pitching and writing. I did that for a year, and then carried on working on programmes. I got up to assistant producer (AP) level.

Toughest career moment: Leaving a well paid job in New York to pursue journalism. I was working as an AP, having a great time and I got offered another contract to work on some short films to do with Madonna. And I remember thinking, if I carry on down this way, the next step is producer, then director. But I set out to do journalism. So I quit and moved back to London and started from scratch. I got all my contacts, and contacted them one by one and eventually broke into the BBC. I got freelance work, then a contract, and worked my way up to where I am now.

The biggest myth about my job: That it's glamorous. People think you meet stars every day working in the media and yes, you get to do some amazing things and meet great people but it's hard work. On Chris Moyles' show you get there for 4.30 every morning. It's still a job. You have to be switched on as soon as you come in - I have my 6:30 am news ready, and my 7:00 am news written and ready, all my clips edited, because we'll do a 45-minute link talking about what was on TV the night before or just chat. So as well as being on the ball I contribute to a wider role to the show.

Oddest thing I've ever done for my job: There are many working on The Chris Moyles Show - a few include reading a news bulletin with Will Ferrell in the character of Anchorman and singing a Rihanna song at a gig in front of hundreds of people.

Tip for working in my industry: Make good contacts and use them - be persistent, but not annoying.

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Annabel McLeod is Interactive Producer for Up for Hire.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Great blog! I've often wondered what's needed to get into the BBC. I know sites like are helpful, but getting it straight from the peopel who are there is great!


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