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The Best Albums of 2010: Ben Patashnik and Ian Wade

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Mike Diver Mike Diver | 11:34 UK time, Saturday, 11 December 2010

It might well be the weekend, but that's not going to stop our series of top fives from writers and recommenders - indeed, another entry will appear here tomorrow. Today we've a double-header from writers Ben Patashnik - features editor at Rock Sound magazine when he's not bringing the rock to the BBC Album Reviews - and renowned scribe Ian Wade. Among those contributing their top albums of 2010 next week: a certain Steve Lamacq.

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Ben Patashnik (reviewed albums)

Deftones - Diamond Eyes
A fluent declaration of power and a reminder of what made Deftones such a joy a decade ago. As an album it's phenomenal but as a reintroduction to a band thought lost in a fug of drugs it's nigh-on flawless.
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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis
There's no point in trying to explain why Dillinger's fourth album is so good because any description falls short. Instead, look out of the window. Isn't the world lovely? THAT's what listening to this is like.
Read the BBC review and listen to previews

Comeback Kid - Symptoms + Cures
A frenzy of punk fury and exhilarated ecstasy that sounds as breathless and fun as having a fight with your best friend on a bouncy castle. Punk rock is a much-maligned genre, but when legends such as CBK can reinvent themselves this confidently it's a lesson to all the youngsters out there.
Comeback Kid on BBC Music

Bring Me the Horizon - There Is a Hell...
Brash, snotty and arrogant - that one of the most hated bands in the UK came up with a third album as stunning as this must seriously annoy a lot of messageboard dwellers. The missing link between metalcore, electronica and bottom-heavy dubstep.
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The National - High Violet
Like watching a mushroom cloud unfold in slow motion, The National's latest best album (what other band improves measurably with every release?) is affecting in myriad ways. But what's most impressive is that it makes every other album released this year seem crass in comparison.
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Rock Sound (external link)

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Ian Wade (reviewed albums)

LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening
Well if this is to be their final album - although they're not splitting, apparently - James Murphy and chums have certainly bowed out in style. Having already released a masterpiece in Sound of Silver, This Is Happening had its work cut out trying to follow it. Fortunately it was amazing.
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The Chemical Brothers - Further
While their one-time contemporaries were reforming to spin out the oldies, disco veterans and equipment abusers Tom and Ed made a stupendous audio visual leap-forward with Further. Remember to fall in love (again) indeed.
Read the BBC review and listen to previews

Plan B - The Defamation of Strickland Banks
Or The Reinvention of Ben Drew, as one-time potty mouthed herbert transformed Bowie-ly like a chameleon into a soul-pop sensation. Hearing the builders in the flat below sing along badly to She Said suggests he's well and truly arrived.
Read the BBC review and listen to previews

John Grant - Queen of Denmark
A sort-of Rufus Wainwright without the opera, instead with a beard and a darker sense of humour. Kinda. This album has crept up on me through the year to the point of becoming inescapably classic.
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Scissor Sisters - Night Work
In which the Scissors inject a bit of sauce back into proceedings after the slightly bloated Ta-Dah period, head off to Berlin in a pair of perv-breeks and get Ian McKellen banging on actor-ly about "sexual gladiators'", reimagining Vincent Price's Thriller monologue down The Hoist. WIN.
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