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BBC Online Briefing: Curation

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Steve Rosenbaum Steve Rosenbaum | 14:00 UK time, Friday, 11 May 2012

When you walk into the new BBC Broadcasting House you can't help but think that you are standing at the starting line of a race to the future. The gleaming newsroom, not yet open or full of staff, is steeped in promise.

And then, hearing Ralph Rivera, the head of Future Media, speak about the new Connected Studio initiative, it's clear that the BBC understands that the future is going to be about opening access and connecting with its audience in a whole new way.

But as I stand on stage at the historic Radio Theatre, the impending cloud of “digital overload” hangs in the air. Can the BBC evolve from maker to curator? Will audiences that are looking for information in new, bite-sized, embeddable chunks bring their new media habits to the venerable Beeb?

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That - and the promise of a new content ecosystem - forms the backdrop to this talk that I presented to the BBC Online Briefing on Friday.

Steve Rosenbaum is the author of Curation Nation. He blogged here last week that Curation is King.

Code Computerlove (@computerlovers) enjoyed how Steve usurped a familiar metaphor:

Is the cloud made of storm clouds? #loveit #bbconline - 1:46PM

Gina Fegan tweeted a summary of the talk:

#bbconline @magnify Curation: 1. Original voice; 2. Separate signal from noise; 3. Distribute content where people are. @d_media_network - 2:03PM


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