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WebWise Online Course - learning for busy lives

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Zoe E Breen Zoe E Breen | 16:00 UK time, Thursday, 6 October 2011

A screengrab from the new WebWise Online Course

The WebWise Online Course allows learners to track progress using BBC iD

Originally launched in 1998, WebWise is one of the longest-running sites on the BBC website, with its remit to provide interactive learning for people new to computers and the internet. This was just one year after the BBC website went live on bbc.co.uk, itself preceded by the subscription only BBC Networking Club.

It may seem something of a contradiction to send newbies to the web to learn about the web, but WebWise introductory courses are intended for tutors to guide learners through them.

WebWise has had an accredited online course since 2004, but as technology rushed ahead in leaps and bounds, some of the content was no longer relevant or superseded by newer, shinier things.

So I'm delighted to say that new WebWise Online Course is not only bang up to date - with units on using mobiles and keeping safe online - but offers progress tracking making it easier for learners to fit the scenarios, practice tasks, quizzes and offline missions around their daily lives. So whether learners are the on the bus, on a lunch break or just grabbing a spare moment at home they can still carry on learning.

The 'logged in' experience has been achieved by using BBC iD and enables progress bars indicating where sections have been completed. This provides them an optional tracking tool - learners do not need to be signed in to take the course.

An e-assessment, which can only be taken under controlled conditions at a learning centre, accompanies each unit in the course.The course maps to the ITQ (Information Technology Qualification) as laid down by e-skills, the sector skills council.

Successfully completing unit will generate credits towards the ITQ award at Level 1, the learner will earn a Level 1 ITQ qualification from an awarding organisation if all four units are successfully created. Credits from the units can also be combined with those gained elsewhere to achieve a formal qualification.

So while we have First Click to attract complete beginners to having a go at getting online, the WebWise Online Course gets learners up to speed with internet technology and ready to enjoy all that bbc.co.uk and the wider web has to offer. Maggie Philbin explains what it's all about...

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Zoe E Breen is a Senior Content Producer in BBC Learning, led by Saul Nassé.


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