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Mobile Day 6.25 p.m: two questions to close

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Mark Kortekaas Mark Kortekaas | 18:39 UK time, Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hi I'm the new Controller of BBC mobile and I've been watching all the activity today.

A couple of questions that came up that I would like to respond to:


We look at all major platforms and Android is clearly one that we are looking at. While we do not have anything on the formal roadmap as of today I hope that will change.

Downloading of Video to handsets:

This would be a great application to have so one can download content for viewing when out of range. Personally I would like the content for my 30+ minute daily tube ride. Our issue is simply how to properly protect and manage video content as we do with the iPlayer desktop. When we launched that product to PCs/Macs/Linux machines Anthony wrote a great summary of the DRM issues.

However, we are not standing by and are trying to figure out a solution to this that is viable with scale.

I'd like to thank everyone today for looking at what we've got going on and to my staff for pulling it all together. Despite the London Tube Strike today we all made it in, thankfully it is sunny out so the route diversions home will be more enjoyable.

Bye for now.

Mark Kortekaas is Controller, A&MI and Mobile, BBC Future Media & Technology



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