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Interesting Stuff 2009-03-17

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Dave Lee | 17:11 UK time, Tuesday, 17 March 2009

(Mild) panic in Birmingham (on a Digital Spy forum) following the mothballing banner appearing at the top of their Where I Live webcam page. But fear not, Brummies! Your local website can be found right here, complete with webcams aplenty.


Here's another recent site launch: Heroes of Troy (pictured, above), complete with interactive clips and song tuition sessions -- a multimedia extravaganza!


Broadband-Finder.co.uk asks if the BBC may be involved in funding the next generation of broadband internet:

"In the first part of the Digital Britain report, Lord Carter outlined his vision for the future of British Broadband, in which he saw every household in the UK being able to enjoy speeds of at least 2Mbps by 2012 - 2Mbps is a sufficient speed at which to stream videos from the BBC iPlayer, meaning that everyone in the UK will be able to watch events at the London Olympics online."

Rowan de Pomerai offers some final thoughts on HD audio metadata as he leaves the BBC.


The Telegraph's Ian Douglas has added his thoughts on our Open BBC event last week:

This, then, is an organisation on its back foot. The odd thing is that it doesn't have any need to be. The criticism they perceive can come from several different sources, including people who believe that we as a nation pay for the BBC so we should have unfettered access to everything it produces and the right to copy, reproduce and build businesses on it; people who don't really understand the difficulties of turning a very large organisation from one that provides into one that shares; and people who don't like the BBC anyway.

We've been made aware of a fault affecting some Virgin Media broadband customers. It's a complicated one, but we're told it's being worked on.


Here's a run down of new features in the brilliant RadioAunty app created by our own Duncan Robertson, which now includes Twitter functions:

Opting in means that as you listen, details about what you are listening to will be sent to the @radioandtvbot account on Twitter.

As you could probably imagine, the BBC Internet Blog team are regular visitors to the Dogs On Acid dance music forum, so we were delighted to see Click's recent investigation into botnets getting praise from members (contains strong language) (and added Megadeth! - ed).


Yesterday, Mark Damazer used the Radio 4 blog to post his thoughts about the axing of Go 4 It, Radio 4's last remaining kids programme.


Finally, Neville Hobson is excited by the prospect of being able to embed BBC News video on his site. Good!

Dave Lee is co-editor, BBC Internet blog, BBC Online, BBC Future Media & Technology.


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