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Interesting Stuff 2009-02-23

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Dave Lee | 16:25 UK time, Monday, 23 February 2009

The BBCi Labs blog has written a neat rundown of ideas developed at the 'One Big Day' event they held recently. The prototypes put forward are products of the One in Ten scheme, which allows staff spend some of their workiing hours doing something a bit experimental.

Picture from BBC iLabs Blog

Martin Belam has posted his third (and possibly final) post about the Points of View message boards. Opinions, it seems, are deadlocked.

Silicon.com has a good interview with Erik Huggers, who shares his thoughts on the iPlayer, the semantic web and the end of Project Kangaroo.

Meanwhile, Anthony Rose has been introducing the next phase of the BBC iPlayer. Broadcast Now reports:

[I]t synchronises iPlayer on all of a user's devices, such as PC, mobile phone and PS3. This means that if you stop watching a show on your computer, you could continue watching it from exactly the same point on your mobile."
Second, the application allows users to select MSN Messenger friends with whom they can share their iPlayer experience. The application replaces the usual iPlayer navigation at the top of the web page with three categories: Me, My Friends and Everyone."

Ian Forrester at Backstage says there won't be any bigger scale events like Mashed this year -- but that's not to say there won't be plenty going on. He's posted a calendar here.

On the Backstage mailing list, a real life dilemma has spawned a virtual solution. Tom Morris' Radio 4-loving mother failed to find a programme online, so he patched together a work-around allowing users to search for descriptions of shows.

Dave Lee is co-editor, BBC Internet blog, BBC Online, BBC Future Media & Technology.



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