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What's On Is Off

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Sophie Walpole | 11:31 UK time, Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Some of you may have already noticed the big red banner on our What's On site announcing that, after almost a decade of sterling service the current website is finally being retired and a whole new range of programme discovery sites and services (e.g. TV, Radio 2) are popping up all over BBC Online.


What's On was designed as a website to provide information to help people find programmes on the BBC's other scheduled platforms - TV and Radio. Its limitations therefore became obvious with on demand developments such as red button and of course the iPlayer. Also, the What's On pages expired after 24 hours which was frustrating for users wanting to find information from a past schedule or programme.

We're not replacing it with a like-for-like service but with a range of new entry points to BBC programming all based on our programme information platform - PiPs. We are providing easily navigable schedules for all TV & Radio services for seven days ahead and as far back as PiPs data exists for all the BBC's output, from BBC One East Midlands to Radio 1 and into the past and all at nicely hackable URLs.

We haven't quite sorted out how best to offer a mulit-channel "grid" view of the schedule but we are working on it and would welcome your views.

Last time I closed something down on BBC Online I was described as a cow which caused my mother to splutter over her morning coffee. I've warned her that I'm closing something down again...

Sophie Walpole is a Portfolio Executive, BBC Online



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