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Interesting Stuff 2008-06-24

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Alan Connor | 09:00 UK time, Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Media Guardian's Mark Sweeney has a piece titled BBC: 'We'll Share Expertise To Save Licence Fee' covering "practical partnerships" and ending with some possibilities regarding IPTV:

The BBC has also suggested that it could play an important "content-led role" to encourage the 20% of the UK population that are predicted still not to have broadband connections by 2012.
There is an opportunity to work with other public service broadcasters and internet service providers to set a "simple, open standard" to deliver internet television to TV sets, according to the BBC.

Information architect Karen Loasby recalls a time at the Beeb before iPlayer, the Catalogue, the archives projects and /programmes:

But most programmes had no coverage (a temporary schedule snippet notwithstanding) as I discovered in my first few weeks at the BBC. Part of my job was to respond to users who had emailed us via the 'contact us' link on the search engine. Query after query asked for information about a programme recently and not so recently seen or heard. We resorted to back catalogues of RadioTimes and lots of apologetically framed replies.

Radio Times window display at 37 Tothill Street, Westminster, London, 01/01/1939
Radio Times window display at 37 Tothill Street, Westminster, London, 01/01/1939

In advance of Jonathan Hassell's event at BAFTA, Beyond Inclusion: Removing Barriers To Working With Disabled People, Nick Kind writes:

Jonathan Hassell at the BBC - who I worked closely with on a project for blind learners - has an interesting idea about accessibility which I think deserves wider hearing. It sits - sometimes uncomfortably, for me at least - alongside an often-peddled notion that "designing something to be accessible will mean that it's more usable for everybody".

From the BBC Image Library: "Blind listener, Mr Oransby [right], listening to his Crystal Radio Set with headphones, December 1929"

Rhona Perry at the Ofcom PSB Review blog is going through the feedback re the review:

Phew... I'm starting to know what Valentine's Day should feel like... we've been inundated with letters, cards and emails responding to the PSB Review. With over 230 responses received at the last count, we're going to have our work cut out over the coming days and weeks as we review them all.

And finally, Neil Midgley in The Telegraph writes about the return of BBC credits:

Most importantly, the "quarter-screen" end credits will be phased out, with credits once again being large enough for viewers can read them. The precise format has yet to be decided, but may well mean that the credits will fill at least half the screen.
End credit information will also be posted on programmes' individual pages on the BBC website.

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