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"Hidden Costs Of Watching TV Online": My Response In The Telegraph

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Ashley Highfield | 09:00 UK time, Thursday, 10 April 2008

I've read all the comments on my post, and am delighted that so much thought and time has already clearly been put into this debate.

telegraph_logo.pngAs this latest debate was sparked off by a piece in the Daily Telegraph, they've let me do an article, which appears in today's paper - you can read it here.

In spite of the The Register's somewhat anti-BBC stance on this issue, its readership seems to have a more balanced set of views that you might want to scroll through here.

All I want to say now is that we actually have a very constructive relationship with the ISPs. We don't think that we should pay for their content distribution costs, but that difference of opinion does not mean we don't work together. We do, and although actually a relatively small player in the internet landscape (about 2% share of time spent online goes to bbc.co.uk), we will do what we can to help drive broadband penetration and adoption, for the benefit of all players.

I'll do a longer post when I've read more of the comments/reactions across the web.

Ashley Highfield is Director, BBC Future Media & Technology.


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