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Tracks in the snow

Martin Hughes-Games Martin Hughes-Games | 10:42 UK time, Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The big freeze is making it easier than ever for us to see where animals have passed through our gardens, but have you been able to tell who's been visiting?

Loads of you have been sending your lovely snowy images into our Snow Watch Flickr pool, so here's a selection of tracks you've spotted in your neighbourhoods.

(Read why I love tracking animals in the snow.)

We reckon we know most of them, what do you think?

Solitary paw by Merlotti
track by merlotti
On the frozen river Irthing by Joan Thirlaway
tracks by joan thirlaway
Footprints in the snow by Jonathan Proud
tracks by jonathan proud
Making tracks by Maaike Butter
tracks by Maaike Butter
Frozen lake prints by Mark Philpott
tracks by mark philpott
Tracks by Robin Smith
tracks by robin smith
In the snow of Drinkfield Marsh by Soren Moore
tracks by SosF-M
Busy tracks by Joan Thirlaway
busy tracks by joan thirlaway
Puzzling tracks by Jane Adams
tracks by jane v adams

If you're stuck on these or curious about mystery pawprints of your own have a look at this fabulous track sheet from BBC Breathing Places.


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