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That was the week...

Stephen Moss | 09:01 UK time, Sunday, 2 November 2008

I'm writing this at home on Sunday morning, just before heading back to Brownsea after spending a welcome couple of days with my family. Actually they spent one day with me - my wife Suzanne, and youngsters Charlie, George and Daisy popped down to Brownsea on Friday for a quick visit. Fortunately they chose a lovely day weather-wise, and we managed to catch up with the red squirrels (on the assault course as well as in the woods), avocets and various waterbirds on the lagoon. The only disappointment, for three-year-old George at least, was that we failed to see the spoonbills!

So we're now halfway through our run - Autumnwatch always does seem more like a sprint than the marathon that is Springwatch! Four down, and four to go - and judging from the stuff you've been posting on the Messageboard you seem to be enjoying the shows so far! I know the squirrels have been the stars of the show, but the wonderful thing about autumn is that there is so much to see, as Simon and Gordon have proved. So thanks for tuning in - all three million plus of you!

I think what has really astonished us is the response to two new offers we've had this year. The Video Uploader has proved very popular, with many of you posting your footage of autumn wildlife there. But the really amazing thing has been the Flickr site, where you can upload your photos. This is now officially the fastest-growing site of its kind anywhere in the world!

Looking forward to the week to come, we have some amazing stuff from Gordon on the Farnes - a result of the change in the wind direction over the weekend. Simon is at Britain's biggest raven roost, on the Welsh island of Anglesey. And Bill and Kate are off to the mainland to check out some fascinating goings-on in and around Poole Harbour.

So do tune in - 8pm Monday to Thursday all this week...

All the best - Stephen


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