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Thanks for watching!

Stephen Moss | 16:46 UK time, Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Just to say a huge thank you to everyone who watched the programme last night - over four million of you! After all the hard work everyone's put in it is really great to know that you tuned in to enjoy the show. I thought Bill and Kate did a splendid job, despite a few technical problems, while Simon and Gordon brought some of our favourite creatures, deer and seals, to our screens again.

So what's in tonight's show? Well, the red squirrel assault course makes its first proper appearance, with the reds successfully completing a couple of relatively simple tests. The jury's still out as to whether they will bother with the more complicated stuff, especially as there is so much abundant natural food available on the island. But we do know that grey squirrels seem to do these assault courses for what looks very much like fun - so maybe our reds will want to have a go too!

As the north wind blows, and the weather gets pretty chilly, the lagoon is hotting up! Up to 500 avocets are feeding in front of the hides, while the black-tailed godwits are spending part of their time on the lagoon and the rest feeding around the main harbour. Brent geese numbers are on the up, while two spoonbills dropped in today - these huge, yellowish-white birds stand around at the back of the lagoon, occasionally showing the famous spatula-like bill which gives the species its name.

Tonight's show will also bring us an update of some of your favourite characters from Springwatch, including Hannibal the barn owl, and the Penshorpe swallows. Gordon will send us another live report from the Farnes (weather permitting!), while Simon is spending his last day at Petworth House, where he'll be revealing the secrets of the fallow deer rut.

So tune in at 8pm, and I hope you enjoy the show - do let me know your verdict!



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