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The offending wasp!

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Anne Diamond's Blog Administrator | 16:00 UK time, Friday, 8 July 2011


What a strange feeling - BEING interviewed on my own radio show. But I wanted to mark the 20th anniversary of the Back To Sleep campaign by giving out the cot death advice yet again - and the best way to do it was to tell the whole story of how the campaign started, as a result, of course, of my own child's death.

So today, at midday, we turned our chairs around and Andrew Peach, our breakfast show presenter and head of programmes here at BBC Radio Berkshire, interviewed me. As I said, a strange feeling and surprising how close to the surface are those painful memories!

But at one stage it was nearly all upstaged by a pesky wasp.

I bloomin' hate wasps.

And no matter how professional I might THINK I am, a wasp stopped me in my tracks. And I turned from being a thoughtful and reflective interviewee into a panicking idiot.
Several swats from me simply made the matter worse. Now I was dancing around the studio, wielding a screwed up copy of The Daily Telegraph, all to no avail, whilst Andrew resorted to a soliloquy about goodness knows what!

Finally, in comes my producer John, with an even bigger copy of The Times, belts it onto the floor, then mashes it into the carpet with his big leather boot.

Then we got back to the business of radio.

As you do.


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