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Makes me think...

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Anne Diamond | 14:24 UK time, Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cambodian orphans standing outside their newly built home

Feeling totally fired up to take part in a cycle ride through Vietnam and Cambodia. It just shows you shouldn't meet and interview interesting people without being prepared for the consequences!

Today, I met Crispin Fairbairn from HopeAsia, who's organising the charity's money-raising cycle ride for the orphanage in Cambodia. It's set for February 2012 - and I'd really REALLY love to do it. Well, I can ride a bike, it's flat terrain and last year, a 70 year old woman took part, who hadn't ridden a bike in years! Time to seriously think about it, and put money where mouth is. And see if I can raise enough cash to make it worthwhile... Have a look at the latest pictures from the orphanage.

Orphan Srey Mao

Most of the kids would be domestic or sex slaves, or just plain dead, if it wasn't for the work of Crispin and his cohorts. Look at little Srey Mao (pictured right) who came to them from an abusive background. Years before, her father had broken her leg, which had never healed properly. She also had TB and bone infections. Now she's 17, had several years of surgery, and is learning to dance and look after the little ones at the orphanage, where she'll probably be given a proper job. Or Jacob, who was stolen from the orphanage by his aunt, who then sold him as a slave. They found him and bought him back - for fifty quid. Unbelievable.

Makes you think, doesn't it? It is certainly affecting me big time.


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