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Jennifer Aldridge | 28 June 2011

Did you see this vandalism?

Lynda Snell writes:

Some time in the early hours of last Friday, the 24th of June, our three beloved llamas were callously abused in an act of mindless vandalism. A person - or probably persons - unknown stalked them and under cover of darkness painted the poor things with some sort of spray-on hair dye.

The dye is fading with repeated washings, but who knows what kind of long-term psychological trauma may have been inflicted on these trusting and loving creatures.

I appeal to anyone who might have information that would lead to the capture and punishment of these miscreants. Let us catch them - perhaps literally - red-handed.

If you can help, please get in touch with me at Ambridge Hall, or on reception at Grey Gables.

Jennifer Aldridge | 19 June 2011

Father's Day messages

To Dad
You’re a lovely mover. Keep on dancing, twinkletoes!
Marketing Miss

To Dad
So glad you came back into my life. Wanna duet some time?
Guitar Girl

To Dad
I really, really miss you. I try to keep a straight bat like you taught me, but it’s so hard.
Blowers Boy

To Dad
No mucking about, we love you a heap.
Organic Pair

To Dad
There’s more than a grain of love, but I won’t milk it
Magyar Miss

To Dad
Try not to let it get you down. You don’t deserve it. We all love you.

To Dad
UR GR8 + I’ll stil luv U even if I’m far away.

To Dad-in-Law
I know E would have done one for you if he’d had the time but what with the market and the milking and that you know how it is.


Jennifer Aldridge | 10 June 2011

Open Farm Sunday - now at Home Farm

Just a reminder that, despite initial publicity, Brookfield Farm will not be hosting Open Farm Sunday this year (12th June).

In fact, we at Home Farm will be taking it on. So if you were planning to attend make sure you come to the right place!

There'll be tours of the farm, talks about what we do and the chance to buy our home-grown strawberries and venison.

So do come along - and let's hope for decent weather!

Jennifer Aldridge
Home Farm


(Silly me - the date of the event was of course yesterday, 12 June, and not 12 July as I originally wrote. Anyway, I think I can say that a good time was had by all.)

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