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Jennifer Aldridge | 31 May 2011

Next book club choice

This month's Ambridge Book CLub choice is Mistress of the Paddocks by Borsetshire author Carinthia Hart.

It's described as a 'roistering rural romance' and although I haven't read it yet, the book jacket gives an idea of the story:

'Avid horsewoman Miranda Birdsall is used to taming stallions. But when she falls for local landowner Byron Ridgeway has she met her match?


Sounds like the perfect, undemanding summer read, and a great contrast to our last book, which was the rather more sedate Cranford.

The next meeting is at Home Farm on Wednesday 22 June.

Jennifer Aldridge | 31 May 2011

Son beats father!

Congratulations to Christopher Carter for his victory in this year's Single Wicket Competition!

In a thrilling father-versus-son Final, he beat Ambridge cricket team veteran Neil Carter with a tricky catch. I'm sure Susan can't have known who to cheer for.

With Kenton Archer compere-ing again, it was a rather different atmosphere from the regular weekly matches, but surely even the purists among us wouldn't begrudge this somewhat jazzier once-a-year event in Ambridge's cricket calendar.



Jennifer Aldridge | 27 May 2011

Single Wicket Competition - by Harry Mason

We thought we’d republish this post  from the Bridge Farm Dairy blog, by local milkman Harry Mason (originally posted last year), as it very usefully it gives the rules of the Single Wicket competition which, despite being an annual event, has puzzled many of us for years! 

[We should mention that Harry knows whereof he speaks, because he won last year's competition and will be defending the title on Monday!]

You might have heard that I’m entering the Single Wicket competition which is happening in Ambridge on the Bank Holiday Monday.

Anyway, you’ve probably never heard of a Single Wicket competition and I must admit I thought it probably meant like one set of stumps or something but that’s not it at all. So I thought I’d use todays’ blog post to explain how it works.

It’s a knockout competition and you play in pairs against each other. So you start with 16 players and lets say I’m drawn against Jazzer in the first round (except Jazzer isn’t playing, but never mind). So I bowl six balls to Jazzer and he scores what he can off them. Then we swap round and he bowls to me. And whoever gets the most runs goes on to the next round.

When we’ve had our go, another pair come into bat and bowl and Jazzer and me join the other fielders. Obviously if you’ve got 16 players, you’ve got a few spare because you only have 10 fielders including the wicket keeper, just like in a normal game of cricket, so the others can umpire or keep score or pad up or something.

Like I said, its a knockout, so by the end of the first round you’ve got 8 players and so on until you get to the 2 in the final. Hope I’m one of them!

Everyone says it’s a nice way to spend the afternoon and they make it like Twenty20 matches with music and commentary so its quite fun and entertaining. And it’s in memory of Alistair’s wife’s first husband. She’s Shula. You might know the riding stables at Ambridge? Well she runs that and the prize is the Mark Hebden trophy I think.

So if you want to support me come along and maybe I’ll see you on the day!

Your Friendly Milkman
Harry Mason

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