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Jennifer Aldridge | 21 December 2010

Spot the phantom highwayman!

There's extra fun at Lower Loxley's Deck The Hall event this week.

Prowling around the grounds is a mysterious cloaked figure - Rick Turnip, our phantom highwayman.

He's taking a break from holding up coaches on the Borchester to Felpersham turnpike, to add some spice to your visit. If he jumps out at you shouting 'Stand and Deliver!', you must answer 'Your Money or Your Life!' to win a prize from the Lower Loxley gift shop.

For full details of Deck the Hall, click here


Usual Lower Loxley terms and conditions apply. Prize is at our discretion and not transferable. Lower Loxley accepts no responsibility for heart attacks or other reactions to being held at gunpoint by a masked stranger. Rick Turnip is not a real highwayman so please do not call the police.

Jennifer Aldridge | 8 December 2010

Christmas lights switch-on tonight

Don't forget that at 6pm this evening we have our traditional switch-on of the Christmas lights!

Starting at The Bull, all the houses around the Village Green switch their lights on in turn, to the melodious  accompaniment of seasonal music from the Hollerton Silver Band.

This year we'll be making a collection for the Publicans' Benevolent Fund, in memory of Sid Perks, the erstwhile landlord of The Bull, who passed away earlier this year.

Do join the fun! I feel that Christmas has truly started once we've enjoyed this annual highlight (pun intended!).

Jennifer Aldridge | 4 December 2010

Farmers beware

David and Ruth Archer tell me that thieves stole several tons of hay from their barn yesterday, while they were attending the NFU lunch in Borchester.

It appears that the villains used Brookfield's loader, presumably taking their plunder away on their own trailer.

It's a reminder how vulnerable farms are - do be vigilant!

David will be organising a meeting of the local Farm Watch group.

Jennifer Aldridge | 2 December 2010

All Your Xmas Requisties!!


All sizes, guaranted not to drop needle's (thats the turkeys, ha ha)

Eddie and Joe Grundy, Keepers' Cottage Ambridge, or ask in The Bull

Jennifer Aldridge | 1 December 2010

Visit The Tea Cosy

Susan Carter tells me that our lovely Community Shop now has a special corner dedicated to goods to be traded for TEAs.

(For those new to the village, TEAs are our local currency, the Transition Equivalent in Ambridge. TEAs can be used to purchase local produce, locally made crafts and other goods, and services from local people such as gardening, babysitting etc.)

So if you have TEAs to spend, remember to take a look in what she has charmingly dubbed the "Tea Cosy".

To read more about the Transition Town movement click here.

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