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James Smith

Dodging Vultures above the Urban Amazon

Posted from: Manaus
When you're working abroad, it's very important you hire the right people. This is especially true if that person is a helicopter pilot. Yesterday, we met ours for the first time.

Keith and I had agreed beforehand that we would be happy to go up with him on one condition: that he had grey hair. Young, reckless fliers without a white hair on their head are to be avoided if you're about to fly low over rivers, jungle and skyscrapers. You need a wise man at the controls.

Our pilot Alvair proved to be a good choice as we flew over Manaus, filming the opening scene of the film. He expertly dodged the vultures that soar high over the city, and made sure he gave the thunderclouds a wide berth. It was an exhilarating way to see the largest urban area in the Amazon, and a great start to our filming.

Keith and Raquel by the helicopter


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