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Matt Norman

Goodbye to the Amazon

Posted from: Manaus
Am back in Manaus with Laura, Rob and Dudu and it's been quite an adventure. We have left Bruce back in Tabatinga and crossed flights with the other crew in the air so didn't get chance to say 'Hi' and wish them luck.

Filming the first 17 weeks of the series has been a fantastic experience. The expedition has been a genuine adventure and it's been very eventful in every way. The style of shooting has been a very fluid one and getting the right look with the HD cameras has been a challenge I've really enjoyed. Bruce as usual has been great to work with and again his very spontaneous style will give a great honesty to the series.

The team at work on the Amazon
The team at work on the Amazon

It's been an amazing privilege to travel from the source in the High Andes, through Peru and into the Amazon proper in Brazil. The best thing for me has been the fantastic local people we have met along the way. They probably will never read this but a huge thanks to all of the fixers and local porters who have helped me with my piles of camera equipment. These guys have never stopped smiling and joking and have been brilliant. Particular thanks goes to Luis, Marco, Philippe, Edga, John, David, Dudu and Angle.

Also a huge thanks to Steve at Indus Films along with Sam, Bruce, Matt B and Rob for trusting me to shoot the first three episodes of this fantastic series.

The worst thing of the adventure has been months of sleeping in confined spaces with world-class snorers and the best when I chatted to the plane cabin supervisor who had looked after Matt B on his evacuation flight and he told me his name was Jesus. Couldn't help but think he would be fine after that.

One more note. Viewers with a keen eye may notice that Bruce looks shorter in the last three programmes of Amazon. Don't worry about him, it's due to new cameraman Keith standing a strapping 6ft2 tall and myself just 5ft10.


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