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Bruce Parry

First shots of the biggest river in the world

Posted from: The Source
We have started! Yesterday we had our first filming day at the source, which is incredibly beautiful. The mountains seem like cardboard cut-outs against a brilliant blue sky and we've been taking some lovely shots. It's been a real reminder to me of how brilliant this team is. Matt Norman, the cameraman, has an extraordinary eye for a good picture and I'm loving my first trip with Zubin, who has a contagious sense of fun.

Bruce captures the mood as the crew prepare to film the source

Matt Brandon, who I've worked with on Tribe, has shown what a natural leader he is and it's a pleasure to be working with him again. He has the rare ability of being able to listen to everyone's ideas and advice and then assimilate these into his own strong vision of the film.

Bruce admires the view as he waits for the crew

The source itself is amazing - when you approach first you see the cross, and then the water just pouring out of the rock face. We've shot the opening sequence to show how remote and unexpected a place this is for the source of the world's biggest river.

First shots of the source

See the slideshow of the team at the source

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