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Bruce Parry

Anticipation in the High Andes

Posted from:Cusco
Here we are! The team and I have been out in Peru for about five days and I'm now sitting in blazing sunshine in Colca lodge in the High Andes. Ever since I've arrived I've been overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Peru, from the temples in Cusco to the incredible mountain scenery of yesterday's fifteen-hour drive.

Bruce anticipates the journey ahead

It's been great to finally be here with the team, catching up with some of the crew I've worked with on various Tribe shoots, and meeting Zubin and Almu for the first time. We've been able to formulate some decisions about the filming, which has been really important because there are so many interesting and relevant stories to tell from this part of the world - at the moment it just seems impossible to see how we'll fit everything in! I think we're starting a terrific filming project - in both senses of the word!

We're at a really high altitude here and I think most of us are getting headaches and breathlessness - I can definitely feel the lack of oxygen when I'm walking and carrying a backpack. I'm trying to grab any spare moment to learn Spanish and I can't wait to meet the people who live at the source of the Amazon and hear their stories. I'm incredibly excited about actually starting this journey!

Bruce takes charge of the team's emergency kit

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