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Question for Nneka?

Caroline Jones | 13:50 UK time, Monday, 2 November 2009

When the best african act was announced at this year's MOBO awards (music of black origin), i was completely in the dark.

Not that I'm a proper african music afficianado or anything, but I'm kinda like a tree growing in the path of an African music river - a lot comes my way.

Well, I was obviously looking the other way with ear plugs in when Nneka whooshed past me selling great articulated truck loads of her single Heartbeat.

The track has been massive here in the UK providing Nneka with some much deserved commercial success after plugging away at her art for 5 years, getting good critical notices but sales not matching.

But anyway - back to the Mobo awards announcement - I'm like -" who??"

A quick youtube search and an educational chat with my colleague, Bola Mosuro and I'm a Nneka convert.

Her album "No Longer At Ease" showcases a variety of styles, pop, funk, reggae, hip hop. Her style defies definition but is rooted, with love, in Lagos - her home town. Her attachment to Lagos, the heartbeat city of Nigeria, is evident in the choice of shoot locations for her music videos, which celebrate the city.

Heartbeat - official video

Her evident commitment to her African audience is great news for us at Network Africa because our invitation to her to perform on the programme got the nod despite a very tight touring schedule!

Bola will be interviewing the singer so if there is something you would like to ask Nneka, post it here and we'll give it to Bola to insert into the conversation.


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