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Selkirk sets the pace with the Coffeehouse Challenge

  • Martin Vogel
  • 9 Jun 06, 02:09 PM

_DSC0868b.gifOur first Coffeehouse Challenge, in Selkirk, was a spirited exploration of how to regenerate the town.

For some of the Action Network team, inured to inner London, this picturesque community in the Scottish Borders didn't at first sight seem an obvious candidate for regeneration. But participants at the meeting spoke of a loss of civic pride over some thirty years and a lack of jobs to keep young people in the town. The need for a bypass, to make Selkirk more attractive to tourists, emerged as a priority.

The local paper does a better job than me of explaining the detail of the local issues. Action Scotland, on BBC Radio Scotland, will broadcast a programme based on the discussion at 1100 on Wednesday 21 June.

A big thanks to everyone who came and engaged with the debate. More pictures here.

Update 20 June: Dr Lindsay Neil has contributed a report on the meeting to the Action Network site.

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