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Belsonic 2012 - Two Door Cinema Club

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ATL | 13:31 UK time, Friday, 24 August 2012


Two Door Cinema Club, Noah And The Whale, Oberhofer, The Cast Of Cheers.
Custom House Square, Belfast
Thursday 24th August 2012

After Tom Jones (the novelty) and David Guetta (the instant sellout), this is the Belsonic that intrigues the most. As Alex Trimble happily points out, this is the third time Two Door Cinema Club have appeared at Belsonic - in 2009 they opened for Dizzee Rascal before a confused appearance the following year sandwiched between Major Lazer and Soulwax. For a band that have brought us so much joy, neither were particularly memorable.

Since that 2010 appearance, they’ve toured the world and sold a million copies of their debut album, playing Belfast just once along the way. Tonight has been a long time coming.

But first up are Dublin four piece The Cast Of Cheers. It’s a set full of punchy, dynamic disco drums, plinky foot stomping guitar and enough infectious riffs to animate the most static punter into getting their indie jig on. Just when it gets a little much to take in, they’ll bust out a song like ‘Animals’ and bring everything hurtling back into focus. You can’t fault Oberhofer’s enthusiasm, there’s just nothing that gripping about what they do. Part Vaccines without the attitude part Vampire Weekend on way too much sugar it’s close to what we want without leaving much of a lasting impression.

It takes Noah & the Whale to properly kickstart our evening. With a surprisingly hefty arsenal of hits, they’re a perfect festival band these days, polished and well armed. The tried and tested twee-jaunt ‘5 Years Time’ remains a true standout from a band playing with a level of confidence separateing them from the rest of the support.

A blaze of static and strobe heralds the entrance of our hosts for the evening, a fitting introduction for a band eager to prove themselves and the worth of that long awaited second album. And while ‘Do You Want it All?’ and ‘Undercover Martyn’ ease us in, tonight is, as promised, a massive trailer for songs yet to be released.

Of the new tracks, ‘Next Year’ is a definite stand out, thoughtful and mid-paced, perhaps the bridging track between Two Door Mk 1 and 2. While a fifteen minute mid-set spell of new stuff does make for a bit of a dip these songs are, on the whole, superb. Played with a great deal of pride, ‘Someday’ is kept for the encore, a sparkling future hit for sure.

Having said that, it’s still ‘Something Good Can Work’ then the double whammy of ‘Come Back Home’ and ‘I Can Talk’ that steal the show. Basking in past glories, hinting at greatness to come. It bodes well.



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