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That New Band Smell - Robots Can't Dance

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ATL | 15:38 UK time, Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Robots Can't Dance


Good day to you, keen explorers of new music. It's Phily Taggart back on That New Band Smell armed with a trailer of tubular fledgling acts for your consideration. Right then, enough of my gum flapping, let's do what we do best and get all up in these new acts grill, information-wise because knowledge is power.



Adultrock feat. Jen Connell - Poplife 
Adultrock is the side project of We Are Losers singer and axe man Gavin Elsted. It's a dreamy, ethereal electronic affair, with elements of chill wave in certain songs and a nod to LCD Soundsystem and The Naked and Famous in this featured track Poplife. Get this track into your life, its available for free download, so no excuses.

Eyes See Blind - Shark in Shallow Waters
This is a straight up sonic apocalypse, technical guitars bend and twist round an artillery of rhythm like a double helix of metal-core.

Robots Can't Dance - Panic Attack!
Robots Can't Dance is the alias of 19 year old DJ + Producer Conor Duggan. He has been on the batter for the last twelve months producing high quality, face melting electro house. To get a good grounding of the talent that is, you best hobble over to his soundcloud page and spend some time checking out the various live sets, remixes and originals on offer.

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If you or anyone you know would like the be considered for That New Band Smell then get acquainted with the BBC Introducing Uploader. Upload your best tracks and that way we get to listen to the fruits of your labour. I highly suggest you get on it.


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