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Electric Picnic 2011 - EatenByBears

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ATL | 17:00 UK time, Friday, 2 September 2011

Crawdaddy Stage, Friday 2nd September, 3.30pm

Describe in a tweet: EatenByBears may have won a competition to play EP, but the boys delivered a great opening set to the Stradbally early birds.

EatenByBears at Electric Picnic 2011 by Carrie Davenport - www.carriedavenport.com


What happened: The relatively new Belfast outfit were launched onto the festival scene after striking lucky in the "Pick for the Picnic" competition. A small, steady crowd started to gather for what was one of the first performances on the EP roster. After a questionable start, the boys got into their stride with Let's Build A Spaceship, which sees this freshman band appear to play music beyond their years. Though still not the finished article, you can see influences ranging from the stop-start drumming of Battles, to the intricate violin finger picking of Andrew Bird. Surprisingly, when these contrasting styles come together, it seems to work. Though one thing's for sure, it's near impossible to nod along to math rock without looking a bit silly.

Good Fortune: Two stand out songs, left to the end of the short set. The yodelling masterpiece that is Vanderhoof, and the jaunty wee number Spitehouses. Watch out for this band.

Evil: Still not the finished article and on some songs, their mixture of Funeral For A Friend style caterwauling and violin theatrics just didn't work. Confidence seemed to come and go, and there were a few clumsy mistakes through the set. But really, some promise in this lot.

EP rating: 6/10


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