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Video Bonanza! Cashier, Stillpoint, Ram's and more

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ATL | 17:14 UK time, Monday, 15 August 2011

A number of video's from Northern Irish bands have been posted online in the last while. The most recent being Cashier No. 9's stop motion video for their song, 'Lost At Sea', taking in the sights of Belfast and Danny Todd in an old school diving suit.

Meanhwile, Ram's Pocket Radio has finally got a video to go along with his much lauded single, 'Dieter Rams has got the pocket radios'. The video was directed by Darren Lee who has previously made video's for Mojo Fury, Clown Parlour, Silhouette and Aaron Shanley.

A change of pace brings us to north coast punks Under Stars & Gutters latest single, 'Whiskey Night'. The performance video was directed by Sean Duncan from Redcap Productions, who has actually teamed up with AU Magazine, Armstrong and Learning and Mediazoo Studios for a music video competition. Find out more on the AU Magazine website.


Kowalski have returned with another gorgeous summer shimmery tune, 'Outdoors'. On video duties is old faithful Gregg Houston from Babysweet.

Lastly, Belfast rockers Stillpoint have just released their first ever video for their song, 'White bullet', which was out in June. Good song, good beard!

If your band has a new video, let us know! Email us at atl@bbc.co.uk


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