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GOTW 2 - Girls Names, Not Squares and others

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ATL | 12:50 UK time, Thursday, 4 August 2011


Friday Night, The Menagerie

Boomstock poster


GOTW 2 - Boomstock: Girls Names, Not Squares, Kicks Blue, The Kreb Cycle, Third Man Theme


What's better than one GOTW, eh? Clearly it's two!

Given not everyone will fancy a trek to Forfey (especially as camping tickets are now sold out), we thought it a good idea to point people in the direction of an indoor show in Belfast that boasts a festival-esque, stellar line up.

Girls Names frontman Cathal Cully explains: 'Boomstock is a night in celebration of Conor Shaw, a close personal friend and champion of a lot of local bands who unfortunately passed away in April from Cancer. 'Not Squares, Kicks Blue, The Kreb Cycle (James, Phil and Davey from Yakuza), Third Man Theme and us (Girls Names) will play short abridged sets with dedicated covers of some of Conor's favourite artists and songs. 'All proceeds will go to Conor's favourite charity, Médecins Sans Frontières.'

Ricki O:Rawe from the always awesome Not Squares adds: 'It'll be a celebration in the truest sense - all of the bands Conor (who features at the beginning of our Asylum video) loved, and each will be playing songs they associate with him. Expect much awkward dancing and revelry. 'For those who didnt know him, it's a one off chance to see each bands interpreting songs they will probably never attempt again. I can't wait!'

The venue is The Menagerie (University St, Belfast), this Friday night from 9pm.


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