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Willowstone 2011 - Audio Cavalry

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ATL | 14:20 UK time, Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Main Stage, 2pm Saturday


Tweet: AC but not DC.


What happened?: Kicking off day 2, and the main stage, these lads are contemporary punk-funk-indie-schmindie with the time-changes beloved of so many.  They share musical space with the likes of Key Of Atlas, Colly Strings, ASIWYFA and a host of other local acts, but given a slight twist by a bit of a drawled out vocal, rather than the usual yelps that accompany this style of music.  Being on first, they suffer from a small, suffering, docile crowd, who fail to charge the stage in appreciation.  Still, I doubt if it’ll be their (Custer’s) Last Stand, although they will need to improve and develop to find their own distinct identity locally.


Shining Light: We all like a bit of showmanship, and one of the lads takes it upon himself to spin the guitar around his body mid-song.  What exactly this accomplished musically, we don’t know, but it looked good.


Meltdown:  They’re in a competitive market, and being able to identify so many other bands locally doing similar sorts of things means they may find it hard to stand out.


Rating: 6/10


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