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Oxegen 2011 - Two Door Cinema Club

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ATL | 23:18 UK time, Saturday, 9 July 2011

Main Stage, Saturday, 5pm

Describe in a Tweet: A solid performance that makes us yearn for the next record.

What happened: Team ATL live and breathe Two Door Cinema Club, and we've watched, interviewed and generally enjoyed the band for what could only be described as "a brave while". Indeed, the Bangor band's debut album has been used to soundtrack what feels like almost every ad and TV show over the course of the past year. So it's no surprise that the crowd is belting out nearly every album track that TDCC play: from Cigarettes In The Theatre to I Can Talk, the three-piece have the benefit of a few thousand revellers providing backing vocals. There are no surprises and there are no real shocks: Alex Trimble's vocals are as flawless as ever while Sam Halliday's clean and mazy guitar riffs soar into the brightening sky. It genuinely feels as if the band are bringing the sun back from what essentially amounts to a world tour. We're treated to a new track that may or may not make their upcoming sophomore album, which follows the typical Two Door formula of jangly guitars, a few hooks and a nice synth bassline that Passion Pit would be proud of.

With Ben Thompson filling in on the drums instead of relying solely on drum machines TDCC have much more energy and are more dynamic to watch. Halliday and his bandmates have a penchant for constantly varying rhythms but Thompson performs brilliantly, and it will be difficult to find a man working harder on the kit over the course of this weekend.

Crazy In Love: Eat That Up, It's Good For You stands out as a real highlight. It's probably the closest the band have to a traditional album, rising and falling before finally exploding before our eyes. It's easy to take Two Door for granted, but a track like this just reminds you how damn good they really are.

Why Don't You Love Me: There's very little filler in their finely honed set but Costume Party is perhaps the only bum note in their performance.
Oxegen rating: 8/10


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