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Oxegen 2011 - The Blackout

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ATL | 20:26 UK time, Friday, 8 July 2011

The Main Stage, Friday, 5.15pm

Describe in a Tweet: One of the twins from Jedward meets Lostprophets. Confusing...

What happened: There's a man who's bombed on stage with a blonde quiff and jumping around with the energy of a five year old. We're looking for a matching twin but surprisingly, this isn't Jedward, but instead Welsh 'post-hardcore' (questionable genre tag) band The Blackout. It's a strange mix, with duel vocalists Sean Smith (aforementioned Jedward look alike) and Gavin Butler commanding the stage with more cliched rock (and sometimes pop) posturing than a Def Leppard gig, but the crowd are loving it.

Children Of The Night gets people singing along and they dedicate the ballad, It's High Tide Baby to all the Irish personalities they know, aka. Father Ted and Dougal, and John and Edward. It's a strange pop, rock, emo, metal mashup, and we're a little confused by it all, but pay credit where credit is due, they're a good band making a high octane racket.

Crazy In Love: Ach, fair play to them. They seem like a nice bunch of lads,genuinely happy to be here, and the crowd are getting a much needed energy and positivity boost on this drizzly afternoon.

Why Don't You Love Me: Sean Smith has perfected the microphone 'throw, windmill and catch' routine. And he shows us again, and again, and again, and again. He's good, but i kinda want it to all go wrong for comedic purposes.

Oxegen rating: 6/10


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