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Oxegen 2011 - Metronomy

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ATL | 14:41 UK time, Saturday, 9 July 2011

2fm/Hotpress Stage, Friday, 8pm

Describe in a Tweet: British guitar pop merchants bring the sound of the summer to Oxegen.

What happened: Until the release of their 2011 album The English Rivera Metronomy were better known for their remixes than their actual live performances. Things have finally clicked together, however, and on the basis of their most recent release and this live performance they deserve to be the breakthrough band of the summer. With shimmering guitar pop laced with occasionally sinister synth parts worthy of New Order they have a quirky sound that in the right circumstances can provide for a fantastic performance. Tracks such as "Back on The Motorway" and "She Wants" have Motown inspired basslines provided by Gbenga Adelekan, talking of lost loves and travelling while captivating the crowd and providing something to sing and dance to. There's a slightly top heavy setlist selection in regards to the most recent album but we're treated to some reworked material from their first two releases, so it's fun for new listeners and the hardcore fans as well. With delightfully intersecting harmonies, choreographed dancing and some fantastic melodies it's sheer bliss.

Crazy In Love: The Look could well be the best track of 2011, and hearing the track live has reinforced that belief in my mind. The simple synth riff that lodges itself perfectly within your brain and a real singalong chorus deserves more airtime than it gets at the moment, and they pull it off perfectly towards the end of the set.

Why Don't You Like Me: The band deserved a bigger crowd, but that's arguably true for most of the acts at this year's festival.

Oxegen rating: 8/10


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