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SuggestiON-AIR: Great Recent Pop Songs

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ATL | 13:28 UK time, Monday, 16 May 2011

Anyone catch a bitta Gaga over the weekend? Pretty hard to miss everyone's favourite pop weirdo, what with her performing at Radio One's Big Weekend, being surprisingly 'dead on' during an interview with Graham Norton and generally eating up tabloid column inches the last few days.

ATL quite likes Gaga and enjoys a bit of decent pop. To celebrate that then, our topic this week is your favourite pop act (or pop song if it's a one hit wonder) from the last ten years. No matter how obscure your tastes are, we're assuming everyone has at least one commercial act they can't help but love? Let us know!

Let us know yours by hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter or text us on 81771 during the show tonight (8-10pm). As always, we'll read out as many as we can.



Rigsy - ATL Presenter

Always loved Destinys Child - great tracks, great singers, great eye candy. Beyonce was always the best and her solo career has been fun, even if her latest take on Pon De Floor is a load of old bobbins. For 'Single Ladies' and 'Crazy in Love' though, she's a living legend. That said, the coolest thing she's done to date is marry Jay Z. If it wasn't for the Jigga, I'd definitely be making moves this summer at Oxegen.....



Katy Perry
Paul McClean - ATL Producer

Despite her dubious choice in gentlemen callers, Katy Perry is an identikit pop princess in the 21st century. Pretty (but not overwhelmingly so), seemingly accessible (though probably very much not) and knowing (irony is a must these days apparently?). Perry burst onto the zeitgeist a few years back simultaneously seeming brand new but also familiar. Less freakish than gaga, not as scary as Madonna, Perry could almost have been produced in a lot in south California by Pixar. Her breakthrough song 'I Kissed a Girl' is a stomp, the lyrics are facile but fun. That is surely exactly what pop music should be?


Amy McGarrigle - ATL Content Assistant
The first song I remember hearing from the London gals was the very excellent 'Freak Like Me'. More than just sampling Gary Numans 'Are 'Friends' Electric?', they were onto a winner with a bit of 'cred' being the base for their girl band vocals. You always knew somebody genius was working behind the scenes, with singles like 'Round Round', Push The Button',  'About You Now' (which really sounds like a Silversun Pickup song in parts) and 'Stronger'. They were always the 'cool' girl band, the one's with a bit of depth, a bit of edge and some genuinley great tunes. However, I really shouldn't be that surprised, but that song 'Ugly' was pretty much one of the worst tracks I've ever heard, ever. Shame.


Girls Aloud
Philip Taggart - ATL Contributor
Girls Aloud:The only justification for TV reality talent shows. Nine years ago the eclectic gaggle were cherry picked from the sea of bewildered hopefuls at the Popstar 'The Rivals'  ITV talent show. Their first single 'Sounds of the Underground' pretty much did to pop music what The Strokes had done to indie music, re-inventing the sound and spring boarding a flux of poor imitators.

Girls Aloud were the girl band that it was finally ok for boys to like without fear of playground reprisal. Their relationship with maverick production house Xenomania proved fruitful, laying 20 top 20 golden eggs into the UK chart basket. Oh yea and they aren't half bad looking either.


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