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Pigstock 2011 - The Burnt Reynolds

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Rigsy | 16:51 UK time, Saturday, 28 May 2011

Main Stage, Saturday, 28th May 2:50pm

Describe in a tweet: Mid afternoon lull means nothing to old Burnty.

Burnt Reynolds play Pigstock Festival 2011


What happened?: It seems like half the campsite have carried their worn out feet back to their tents for a siesta. The main stage is looking like a lonely place now but thats no bother to The Burnt Reynolds, it's business as usual for our heavy rocking amigos. They're set is tighter than a viking cage fighter and their riffs hold their own on a predominately rock orientated main stage, the only set back is that they don't really stand out. On a stage that boasts Lafaro, The Rupture Dogs and Team Fresh its hard to get over excited with their perfectly passable rock. 

Silk Purse: These dudes got skills. A very impressive instrumental display.

Sow's Ear: The turn out for the guys wasn't great.

Pigstock Rating: 6/10



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