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Pigstock 2011 - Jackalfeud

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Rigsy | 15:26 UK time, Saturday, 28 May 2011

Engine Room, Saturday 28th May 1.15pm

Describe in a tweet:  Co. Antrim heaviosity bludgeons the fragile.

Jackalfeud perform at Pigstock Festival 2011, Killinchy co. down Northern Ireland


What happened?: First up let's say that the singer is the double and we mean DOUBLE of David Holmes. Had to get that of our chest, it was bothering us.. Now, Jackalfeud are a band that ATL has championed for many years now, despite us being regarded as indie wusses. The Ballymena 4 piece have tunes to burn though and live none of the melodies are hidden behind walls of distortion and are allowed a presence many heavy bands sacrifice for power.  

Silk Purse: Jackalfeud are a powerhouse. 'If You Believe This You'll Believe Anything' is one of several stand out tracks from the 'Structures' mini album. ' No Reason, Just Fire' is similarly immense.

Sow's Ear: These are finely crafted songs, intricate and demanding attention that at times was difficult to muster for a crowd dealing the night before.

Pigstock Rating: 7/10


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