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Pigstock 2011 - Farriers

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Rigsy | 20:02 UK time, Saturday, 28 May 2011

Gem Saloon, Saturday 28th May, 5.15

Describe in a tweet: Bluegrass hoedown? Dont mind if I do, ma'am.

Farriers performing at the Pigstock 2011 festival in Killinchy, Co. Down, Northern Ireland May 28th 2011



What Happened?: I'll tell you what happened, we were expecting some nice laid back folk tunes. We were very much mistaken as we were enveloped in a massive square-dancing equivalent of a mosh pit. Dual vocals can sometimes make a band suffer from a lack of identity or focal point, but Rachel and Steven combine well, their harmonies driven forward by a pounding country-rock rhythm section containing former Leya drummer Hammy behind the kit. Their sheer joy is infectious and the Gem Saloon quickly swelled with many like-minded converts. Exactly what the doctor, or perhaps we should say vet, ordered.

Silk Purse: Pretty flawless set from Farriers who encouragingly announced an imminent album. We're officially on board!

Sow's Ear: No complaints here at all, seriously. It was cless. 

Pigstock Rating: 9/10



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