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Amy's Fresh Meet: Halves

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ATL | 15:43 UK time, Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Halves - album cover for 'It Goes, It Goes (Forever and Ever)'


Ok Ok...I haven’t wrote a ‘fresh meet’ feature in a loooong time. I’ve been too busy listening to the shear amount of Irish material that’s been released in the last few months. So what better way to start back than to (further) introduce you to an old Irish favourite, Halves.

A band ATL have previously given heavy rotation, their debut album ‘It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever)’ is finally about to arrive (Oct 29th) and it see’s the Dublin troupe truly move into a whole other sphere.

Their brand of electronic tinged, string layered post rock is reminiscent of Icelandic pop experimentalists Múm, with the soft & sombre moments of Danish outfit Efterklang and of course some of the more traditional post rock stylings of Mogwai.

‘Darling You’ll Meet Your Maker’ is the first track the guys have released online as promo, and it’s a song that highlights perfectly what to expect from the album. Personally, I’ve attached myself to songs like the beautiful duet of ‘I Raise Bears’, the instrumental ‘Blood Branches’ and the restrained contemplation of 'Haunt Me When I'm Drowsy'.

Darling, You'll Meet Your Maker by halves

Mainly recorded last summer in Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s studios in
Montreal, they had a helping hand from Canadian harpist Elaine Kelly-Canning, Irish
Chamber brass and string players and 27 members of the Kilkenny choir. That should give you some hint as to the lush sounds you can expect on this album. Other guests include songwriter Katie Kim, Phil Boughton (Subplots) and Amy Millan (Stars/Broken Social Scene) who joined for 'Growing & Glow' [below].

Growing & Glow by halves

There are elements familiar to anybody who's a fan of this generally beautiful but melancholic genre, but it is the most complete sounding album I’ve heard in a long time - each listen engraining the ever expanding songs further into my brain. Perfect for the cold winter days ahead, I foresee this as a 'headphones' album, soundtracking my days as I absorb the subtle layers and intricacies in the production.

In truth, my words are pointless. Just go and listen to this album as a complete piece of work. It deserves your time and full attention!

To download the two preview tracks featured, go to the Halves Soundcloud page.


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