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Belsonic 2010 - Lost Prophets

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ATL | 14:55 UK time, Monday, 30 August 2010

Describe in a tweet: Support band attempt to give headlining performance. Fail.

What happened: It's perhaps an indicator of the changing shape of the musical landscape that two years ago, Lostprophets would have been the headlining act tonight - their stadium sized brand of emo rock seemed all conquering, riding at the very top of the Brit-rock pack. Things have changed though, and tonight Lostprophets deliver a tour de force in how to lose an audience.

Pompous, anonymous, directionless - these are all terms that could be levelled at the band, with one over-inflated melodramatic rock epic blurring into the next. Frontman Ian Watkins does his best to engage, but it largely falls flat, easily defeated by the wind and the rain. Behind him, the band plough on, whether anyone wants them to or not.

But by the end of the set, somehow they manage to turn it all around. It's a completely unexpected turn of events, but after the initial endurance test, the audience ends up being caught in mass singalongs, and it starts to feel like a proper concert again. With a bit of pacing, this could have been far, far better than what we all had to go through in the rain.

Prophecies of Nostradamus: by the end of the set, the band have really managed to establish that connection to the audience, with Ian Watkins wearing a plastic pauncho in solidarity with the soaked throng. Which was nice of him.

Prophecies of Mystic Meg: For the most part, the band just rattle along, a thumping drone that seems to melt into one anonymous note.

Belsonic rating: 4/10


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