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Belsonic 2010 - Florence and the Machine

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ATL | 14:44 UK time, Friday, 20 August 2010

175T5239.jpgDescribe in a tweet: Wispy woman warbling in the wind.

What happened: It is now very wet. One doesn't want to say that spirits have been "dampened"... but they have been. Noise swells up, the lights flare, and a huge curtain falls down to reveal Florence, clad in white, twirling around.

Except that the curtain gets stuck and refuses to fall, causing two roadies to run on-stage and pull it down. Florence, ever the professional, steps over the curtain, to an ocean of camera-phones and a roar of cheers.

And so begins an oddly subdued and emotionally uninvolving performance, Florence taking centre stage and howling into the wind, while her machine rattles on behind her. Perhaps it was the increasingly strong wind, but the sound of the band was just swallowed up, leaving Florence's voice and a solitary drumbeat as the only audible noises coming from the stage.

But it doesn't really seem to matter. 'You've Got The Love' gets a big response, as does 'Rabbit Heart', temporarily re-energising an otherwise sedate audience. Then it's back to talking amongst yourselves, and occasionally looking at the stage to see if it's still going on, while the woman bellows into the night sky.

Welcome To The Machine: The backdrop to the stage is awfully pretty, and ATL would like one for the living room, please.

Rage Against The Machine: For all her visual posturing and preening about, Florence is actually kinda... boring...

Belsonic Rating: 5/10



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