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Oxegen 2010 - Villagers

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ATL | 11:37 UK time, Saturday, 10 July 2010

Hot Press Stage, Friday 9th July, 22:20pm

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 Local boy hero done good!

What Happened: After watching the Villagers play the IMRO tent last year, the sharp rise and rise of Conor J. O'Brien's troupe is no surprise to me. Now with the album out on Domino, his appearance on the likes of Jools Holland and Other Voices, people have taken this charming and slightly odd fella to their hearts - as displayed by today's loving and decent sized crowd.

Conor declares, "we're all drunk" before launching into 'Becoming A Jackal'. Drunk or not, this sounds great with the crowd singing back in unison. The tom drums pound the song into another sphere and Conors intense facial expressions become hypnotic, drawing the audience into this powerful and intense performance.

'Pieces' ends with a dueling crescendo and Conor literally howling like a wolf. It feels like a show stopper as he crashes to his knees - but it's just the middle of the set. There's a lull with church like 'The Pact - I'll Be Your Fever', but after Conor asks, "are ye ready for a song about death?". And yes, yes they are. 'I Saw The Dead' turns out to be the highlight of the set, with an even further intense and impassioned performance.

Conor waves bye to the crowd like a small child before launching into their "happy song", 'Ship of Promises' to end the set. And promises this band give. Let's hope they continue their rise, for this is a great, slightly dark and twisted, songwriter with an amazing band that show no signs of stopping. 

Crazy in Love: 'I Saw The Dead' gives me spin tingly goodness...And Conors haphazard presence.

99 Problems: Sometimes the band is a little over the top and these songs can carry the intensity with less going on... but that's picking holes.  

Oxegen Rating: 9/10


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