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Oxegen 2010 - The Minutes

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ATL | 15:45 UK time, Saturday, 10 July 2010

Red Bull Music Academy, Saturday 10th July, 2.45pm

Describe in a tweet:  Dublin rock and roll band meet Meatloaf.

What happened: With no hesitation the tight jean wearing guitarists and side burned drummer of The Minutes assaulted the stage in proper rock riot fashion. With powerful vocals and a cheeky smile the lead singer M.A. performed with an energy that left him sweating profusely by song two and alarmingly showing symptoms of heart palpitations. Calling themselves a rock and roll band they had good banter with the crowd and M.A. strutted around like Mick Jagger. Jets of smoke and military drum beats set the scene for 'Highway 51' before they went into catchy 'Fleetwood' their next single to be released. The brilliant chorus of 'Harmonies' was followed by a swapsy on the guitars between the two front men for 'Black Keys'. M.A. vehemently sung into the mic with bluesy soul-focused vocals and there was a lot of 1:1 action between him and the bassist T.C. before they stood at the edge of the stage taking on the audience face on.

Crazy In Love: The Meatloafesque passion that lead singer M.A. possessed on stage was amazing and with every fleck of sweat received by ATL in the audience, we loved him the more.  

99 Problems:  The track 'Ukraine' was sadly missed from their set list. In addition, the crowd acted pretty meekly in the face of the rock assault blasted out to them.

Oxegen Rating: 8.5/10


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