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Oxegen 2010 - Kate Nash

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ATL | 16:59 UK time, Sunday, 11 July 2010

KateNash2.JPGHeineken Green Spheres, Sunday 11th July, 4pm

Describe in a Tweet:
  Out of control songstress extraordinaire climbs onto a bra mountain.

What Happened:  With a real lovely stage presence and a new auburn retro hair-do, Nash took center stage on her piano with her latest single 'Do-wah-doo', followed by 'Mouthwash' and 'Kiss that Grrrl'. Adorned with a long beaded waistcoat, similar to something found in a doorway, Nash performed in a really endearing and authentic way, showing off her Irish roots when she revealed she used to play the tin whistle. Next Nash vehemently sung out 'Stitching Leggings' in an almost punk rock riot style, showing a dark, furious side.

Then, strangely but bravely speaking about her work with self-harmers, she urged people who needed help to get it. And later on in the set she stated that she had three things to say: 1) Homophobia is (expletive deleted), 2) Sexism is (expletive deleted) and 3) Told the females in the audience to start composing and forming bands.

After a bra was thrown onstage, Nash gained entry into the pit, quickly pursued by two worried looking security men as the artist took a real time-out to hug and talk to her fans. 'Paris' then gave way to her massive hit single 'Foundations', which got the crowd pumped up and dancing, as well as causing other revelers to start mud fighting.

Crazy in Love: To top off her set, songstress extraordinaire Nash became a whirling dervish as she climbed onto her piano and feet-stomped the keys whilst waving a bra in the air. Now you can't get more rock 'n roll than that!

99 Problems: The hooded guitarist and bassist looked so forlorn at times that I couldn't help but think that they both wanted to escape to a nearby metal band.

Oxegen rating: 9/10


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