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Glasgowbury 2010 - More Than Conquerors

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ATL | 14:58 UK time, Sunday, 25 July 2010

MTC.jpgSmall But Massive, 2:10pm

Tweet: Young 'uns deliver thunderous performance on main stage.

What happened: You could excuse most bands from jangly nerves as they take to the main stage at Glasgowbury, especially a band as young as More than Conquerors. If they were present, however, they didn't surface. Rattling through material from their debut EP, tracks such as "Home Is A Red Dress" were absolutely faultless with some of the sweetest male vocals you can hear live courtesy of Kris Platt. The entire set was punchy, short and adrenaline fueled- "Step To Sea/Take The Boat" showed the band in a darker, more intense light with a sound reminiscent of early We Are Scientists material. Just by the expression of the various audience members close to me it was clear to see they were impressed.

On Top Of The Mountain:
"Go On Go On(Get Out)" made the band sound like true pros, with just the right mixture of raw energy and polished skill.

Slip, Sliding Down The Slopes:
While they made an effort to get the crowd involved, the stage presence wasn't quite there- that will undoubtedly come in time though.


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