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Glasgowbury 2010 - Colenso Parade

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ATL | 03:38 UK time, Sunday, 25 July 2010

Colenso.jpgG Sessions, 2.20pm

Tweet: Brilliant but blatant.

What happened:
Obvious and possibly a little lazy of us to point this out, but Colenso Parade ARE the Northern Irish John, Paul, George and Ringo.

On Top of the Mountain:
How little they care. Sounding (the bah bah's and wah ooo's) , looking (those coloured T-shirts, a uniform) and behaving (wobbly heads) like the Beatles circa 1963 isn't necessarily the coolest thing to be at, lets face it. But when your songs are this good, why not just go for it, eh? Go for it they do - this could be the most fun-filled half hour we have today. The slow dancing section was a nice touch, while 'Find Your Mother' has HIT spray painted all over it's chorus.

Slip, Sliding Down the Slope:
The uncomfortable feeling that comes with realizing you've no one to slow dance with.


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