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Ward Park 2010 - Band Of Horses

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ATL | 14:15 UK time, Saturday, 5 June 2010

horse.jpgWhen: 6.00pm

Where: Main Stage

Describe in a tweet: Classic performance by a band that continue to rise...

Band of Horses kick things off with the first song from their debut album (aptly called, you guessed it, 'The First Song'). Straight away the uplifting, feel good smack in the chest guitars thunder and, somehow simultaneously, shine through. 'Great Salt Lake', Ode to the 'LRC', 'Weed Party' and 'No Ones Gonna Love You' are a treat to those who have followed the band from previous albums. While current single, 'Compliments' is a highlight of the set.

Band of Horses have inherit seventies rock influences, but drag it kicking and screaming into the noughties, giving it a contemporary edge. The songs can be repetitive, but the pure driving guitars and pounding drums make a glorious, uplifting racket. One of their biggest songs, 'Funeral' fails to really take off but they end with 'Good Man' which would place them happily at Woodstock, with a classic rock finale giving every member of the band a chance to shine. This is stuff of a class act.

You Are My Joy: Hearing the guitars kick in to 'Ode to the LRC' and instantly putting a smile on this reviewers face.

Shut Your Eyes: Wonky guitar tuning takes the 'spine tingles' out of 'Funeral'.

Ward Park Rating: 8/10


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