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I love you, but I've never even seen you...

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Rigsy | 14:23 UK time, Monday, 22 February 2010

deftones-white-pony.jpgAnother week... another SuggestiON-AIR! That's when we get you guys to suggest stuff for us to say on air. Radio gold!

This week, we're looking forward to the impending festival announcements and thinking about who, in a perfect world, we'd like to be on the bill for Oxegen, Electric Picnic or Belsonic.

Rigsy's already had a go at predicting said line ups, but we want you guys to think about one act or DJ you absolutely love but have never managed to see live.

Only 'rule' is - it has to be even vaguely possible the act in question could indeed perform on this island during the summer - so they need to be, you know, alive and stuff.

So, whether it's a legendary outfit you reckon should do us all a big favour and REFORM ALREADY, someone really obvious you've just always managed to miss or an act so new they've not played here yet, get in touch! Perhaps you've never been to a festival and just want to see your favourite band! Whatever, let us know!

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Scott Walker - Rigsy (ATL Presenter)
Given I've went to around four or five festivals a year for thirteen years (every Oxegen/EP/Witnness for a start) I've been very lucky and seen pretty much every band I love! So I'm picking a man who's barely been seen in public let alone onstage - legendary crooner Scott Walker.. Simply because he'd be wearing a suit and would bring a certain dignity and class that is desperately required when you're standing in a sludgey field in the middle of nowhere. So if you're listening Scott, man up and leave the house, okay?

Van Halen - Paul McClean (ATL Producer)
Van_Halen.jpgThe Van Halen reunion with Dave Lee Roth is a must see for me. Ludicrous Spinal Tap type theatrics, humungous global hits (Jump, Little Dreamer, Panam) and of course the spandex/mullet combo. Heck I'd even allow some of the Sammy Hagar era tracks on there as long as they did Summer Nights and My Radio. Mates of mine went to see Lee Roth in the US back in the day and DLR came out for a 5 minute mixed martial arts demonstration before the gig, then arrived on stage on a giant surf board which he rode over the heads of the audience. Let's see A Plastic Rose try that! Actually, in fairness, they probably would...

The Deftones - Chris Johnson (ATL Trainee)
As an angst ridden teen, Deftones were a band who I for some reason allowed to pass me by - White Pony and Saturday Night Wrist would change all that. I'm aware they can be hit and miss on the live circuit, but in recent months critics have been hailing their recent performances as nothing short of masterful. I know a guy who was left with tinnitus from the last time Deftones played in Belfast. Deafened by Deftones: all in the name of rock and roll...and I missed out. Rest assured...I shan't the next time.

Broken Social Scene - Amy McGarrigle (ATL Content Assistant)

Broken_Social_Scene_WendyLy.jpgAs somebody who placed 'You Forget It In People' in their top albums of the last decade, I'm ashamed to say I've yet to Broken Social Scene catch live. They've a new album out in May, are playing ATP and Primavera, so I'm still hoping they'll turn up (all millions of them) at a festival on this fair isle. I'd be happy to just witness KC Accidental even...That's not too much to ask for, is it??!

New Order - Paul Hamill (ATL Dance Presenter)
I've always managed to miss them, which is a scandal given they probably occupy more space per square inch in my record collection than any other band. They've split up unfortunately, but bassist Hooky has hinted many times that fans should never rule out another reunion. Maybe for the best if I never see them, I'm always reminded they weren't the best live!


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