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Hockey Q & A

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ATL | 10:49 UK time, Friday, 26 February 2010

The Oregon based band Hockey arrive in Belfast tomorrow to play the Spring & Airbrake. We caught up with Jerm, aka Jeremy, who tells us about their hopes to play Electric Picnic, reveals a little mischief had with Fleet Foxes and shares his love for Abbey Road...


Hockey_500.jpgHello there, and how the Dickens are you right now?
Doing really great at the moment. Just had an amazing day in Barcelona yesterday and got all wild with some local folks (actually some from Scotland and Mexico). Was really cool and also my first time in Spain (they call it Catalonia and don't like you sayin "Spain"). Also spent last week in Germany with all the snow - the most punk rock of all countries for certain. Yea.

Why the heck should we all go to your show in Belfast on Saturday?
This will be our first time ever in Belfast. So for sure you should all come out and show us how its done. Having never been, how else would we know?

The last year was packed with festival shows and TV appearances for Hockey. What has been your personal highlight so far?
Playing the Hove festival last summer in Norway was possibly the best day of my life. We got taken out on the ocean on a little boat and went swimming with giant jelly fish. Later on we and Fleet Foxes snuck into the Killers dressing house and blended Brandon Flowers' birthday cake with wine and whiskey, and drank it (the Killers were long gone and presumably didn't mind). Also playing at abbey road studios...

What's been the best/worst sporting related pun that's been written about Hockey?
"Time to drop the gloves, blood on the ice!" by the riverdale review and times.

Topical Question of the Week - An Italian food writer was recently suspended from a TV cooking show after recommending a "succulent" stewed cat recipe. What's the weirdest or most disgusting food you've eaten?
Oddly enough, we just went to Japan a few weeks ago and had raw horse. Not a ton but just a tiny taste. The people there were pleased that we were willing to try such a special dish of theirs. Not stewed cat, but certainly on the way.

Your house has been maliciously set ablaze by as yet un-named evil forces, but you have the strength to battle the flames and fumes to rescue one piece of music, what is it and why?
My house is set ablaze. I am finding my much cherished copy of Abbey Road on vinyl. This is in my opinion the finest record of all time because it touches on the basic human experience of deep imagination. I believe this theme may be on its way back to us, here and now.

Tell us your favourite one-liner
"You're cooking what for dinner?"

What have Hockey in store for 2010?
Tourin round some more this summer. Hopefully back to Europe for some festivals, electric picnic we'd really love to do this year. Starting work on the next record as well.

Lastly, in three words describe life, the universe and everything within it...
Band. Called. Hockey.




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